[MUD-Dev] Introduction System

Nathan Clemons nathan at thelinuxcommunity.org
Thu Jul 13 08:42:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

I'm planning on implementing an introduction system on my MUD. Players
will have to be introduced to other players to learn their name. If you
don't know the name of a player, you get their "appearance" instead, which
is customizeable by the character.

I'm considering storing this in an SQL DB. Only the people that you know
that are in the room you are, are grouped with you, or are following you,
will be actively kept in memory for performance purposes. Otherwise a
quick SQL query is issued to find out if you know the person.

	"SELECT * FROM RecognitionTable WHERE Known='charA' AND
Char='CharB'", then check the number of returned results, 0 or 1.

Can anyone think of any problems with this? Depending on how the
"cache" expires, it could slow down speedwalking. How about having the
cache updated on a tick basis? So you can move many rooms before it ticks
again and rebuilds the cache.

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