[MUD-Dev] A new combat system

Brian 'Psychochild' Green brian at psychochild.org
Thu Jul 13 08:49:42 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

J C Lawrence wrote:

> Providing explicit and dramatic support for slowtime/fastime just
> seems one route to provide this.  It just has problems.

I had an idea to facilitate round-based combat in a faster-paced world. 
When someone engaged in combat, they go to round based actions.  (I'll
conveniently ignore any problems with "indirect" attacks for now.)

Now, anyone entering the "area of combat" is treated specially.  "Area
of combat" is defined as the area a player from which they can affect
combat (depends on MUD's implementation).  The player is notified when
they enter such a place ("You hear the din of combat to the north.")  If
a player is only entering movement commands, then they don't drop to
round based actions.  However, as soon as they do any other actions,
then they move to round based actions, including subsequent movement.

This allows someone to move through a combat without problems, but if
they do anything that could affect it, they are bound by the rules of
the combat.  Not a "perfect" solution (there's still a lot of problems
to work around), but it helps smooth some problems over.

Comments welcomed,

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