[MUD-Dev] A new combat system

Russo Russo
Thu Jul 13 10:52:43 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On Wednesday, July 12, 2000 3:01 PM, Ryan P. wrote:

>The speed points are reset every round and any remaining speed points from
>the last round are carried over. They are reset if combat is broken or
>It is an automatic system so lag does not affect the functioning of the
>Not quite sure what you mean about causing min/max opportunities. Although
>I phrased it oddly, spells actually increase the speed points you get per
>by a percentage. So if, with your dexterity bonus, you get 120 speed points
>per round, a haste spell adds 10% speed, now you have 132 speed points per
>round. Dexterity is a set bonus for each point of dexterity.

>So if you had really crap dex and no haste spell, you would swing a dagger
>1st round - once (25 speed remaining)
>2nd round - once (50 speed remaining)
>3rd round - twice (0 speed remaining)
>4th round - once (25 speed remaining)

>With good dex and haste
>1st round - once (57 speed remaining)
>2nd round - twice - (39 speed remaining)
>3rd round - twice - (21 speed remaining)
>4th round - twice - (3 speed remaining)

>That's pretty much how it works.

In this kind of system I think that having "rounds" only confuses things. I
think that Dexterity bonusus and Hastelike effects would modify the speed of
weapon or your action (certain tasks where time is a component would
obviously have
a fixed speed). This way you get the same effect as far as a quick attack
but you dont have the confusing rounds or the idle time that people would
from speed points 100-132. If anyone has played in a rolemaster campaign you
what I am talking about.

-Joe R. 

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