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> Why does the other character get to define what name you will know
> them by?  Isn't that rightly the owner of the namespace's choice?
> Kirstie, redhead, babe, NextVictim, whatever -- the use and
> appearance of the name is private to them after all.

There was/is a finnish mud named 'after the plague' where you as the looker
can decide to 'call' someone something before they introduce themselves to
you.  They appear as whatever their character looks like when they designed

My human was a :

Glassy eyed, paled skinned human with a tattooed bald head.

Someone else had a demon-critter that was

Tall, skinny, tattered-winged demonkin.

I nicknamed them 'skinny' and from then on I saw :

Skinny enters.

Instead of

A tall, skinny, tattered-winged demonkin enters.

Players can also introduce themselves and others, and once introduced you
must 'remember' so and so or you forget their names once they log out.

A tall, skinny tattered winged demonkin introduces themselves to you as

It's worth looking at.  I especially like the fact that you may never know a
person's real name if they are introduced as something else.

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