[MUD-Dev] Re: Introduction System

Ryan P. ixiterra at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 14 00:46:22 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

At 05:29 PM 7/13/00 -0700, JCL wrote:
>One of the aspects I liked in my approach was that there was no
>concept of a "real name" as supported by code.  The name something
>carried was the name the viewing cahracter had assigned it, and that
>name had no necessary relation to any name that other character
[big example snip]

Although this is trivial, I somehow know you've probably made something
for this as well: a who command. Do you display real names of characters?
Well obviously then a character could easily discover whether or not Bubba
was really Boffo like he said he was by doing a simple who command. Or
the more intelligent Bubba might claim to be another player who is logged
in. Do you get rid of the who command altogether? Do you show short
descriptions a/o player named descriptions? Or perhaps if there is an account
system (you make an account, then you can make characters with that
account) and you display each account name that is on? (That would also
be nice for OOC type commands.) Players liked to be assured that there
are other human beings playing the game. So what is the almighty JCL's
answer to this minor situation? =)


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