[MUD-Dev] curses and grief players - dark ages game solutions

Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Fri Jul 14 02:22:14 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

  S. Patrick Gallaty wrote:

> 1) invitation
> To become a member of any guild, one must find a player who is willing to
> 'invite' you into the guild.  This works better than any name-filter could.
> There are simply no players with offensive stupid names.  Noone's willing to
> put it on their record that they initiated 'pussydong' into the warrior
> guild.

*shrug* I don't really see names as a problem. I hate it when muds start 
trying to drive away anyone whose name isn't a random collection of 

> 3) democracy
> The political positions of Mayor and Sheriff are both elected positions in
> every town.  These positions have the ability to set and repeal laws, to
> enforce law with discretion and other duties related to law and the
> enforcement of law.  The law in each town is discreet, and so being a
> lawbreaker in 'A' doesn't affect you in 'B' unless they choose to.  Some
> towns however had laws that you could not enter if you were banished
> anywhere else, but I saw this only once.

IMHO, too much hardcoding of social structure. It's virtually impossible 
to eliminate all of it, but the less there is, the more satisfying I 
find it.

> 6) accountability
> All of the political and social actions you take go into your Bio, which is
> stored.  If you look at a player's Bio you see their history of
> accomplishments and misdeeds.  A bio might look like this :
> 01/01 Born
> 01/02 Sponsored into warrior guild by <name>
> 01/03 Defeated monster <x>
> 01/03 Completed quest <y>
> 01/04 Accepted as pupil to mentor <name>
> 01/05 Banished from town <name> for lawbreaking.
> 01/06 Achieved journeyman status. (level 12)
> and so forth

This has the more serious problem of not being value-neutral. Like PK 
switches, it misses the tricky stuff (e.g., I assume there's no "01/08 
Was mean to a newbie")
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