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From: Eli Stevens <wickedgrey at wickedgrey.com>
> Of course, if you can devise a system to do this without using a
true name,
> then this would not be a problem, but...  I don't really see any way
to do
> so (anyone care to enlighten?).  To me it seems elementary:
> something positively is impossible unless you have a unique
> Unless you could devise a system that identified each player
uniquely both
> with respect to the identified player AND the identifying player (my
key for
> Buffy and Boffo's key for Buffy are different)...  Or would that put
> back where this question started: storing the info on the server...

I'm using a similar metod in my mud for gate-spell: befor opening the
gate they have to know the "magic tune number" for the destination
room (via "magic tune spell" cast in target room). This "magic number"
is calculated from the IDnumber of the room and the IDnumber of the PC
(the first is known by builders adn immortals for "goto", the second
is secret and known only by the 4 Big Guys) and a fake-random factor,
so "trading numbers" and reverse engineering isn't so easy if you use
bit operations, fake-random and a bit of the All-Mighty Black Magic
called "lies about guild-password generation algoritms" =).
This metod is used also for guild. Instead of having each subscription
saved in a different file for each guild, each pc has a different
password for each guild (the guild vnumber is known only to builders
and guildmaster, the pc ID is secret).

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Very nice quote =)
PS: excuse me for my English, but I'm from Italy.
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