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>On Thu, 13 Jul 2000 20:40:16 -0700
>Bruce  <bruce at puremagic.com> wrote:
>> Another approach might be to store this information on the client
>> side, for those of us cursed/blessed with having a client.  No
>> real reason that the server has to know about this stuff is there?
>Excellent point, especially as there's no need for it to be trusted
>data so the generic problem of never trusting the client isn't an

One thing to be aware of if you do something like this is that it will open
you up for "recognition cheating", allowing a hack that always gave the
"true" identity of somebody, in the sense of always being able to recognize
somebody, regardless of disguise or whatever.  The reason being that if the
namespace is stored on the client side, the server would have to transmit
some sort of id that the client would recognize and be able to relate to the
names it has.  Of course, there are ways around this, depending on what
exactly you're trying to do, but that's something to be aware of. :)

Never trusting the client is ALWAYS an issue.  The players can and will make
use of whatever information comes to the client, probably in ways you never
dreamed it could possibly be used. :)

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