[MUD-Dev] Spherical World Design

Philip Philip
Fri Jul 14 16:10:46 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

For a text based mud, I'm trying to design a round world for my planet
rather then using a flat grid. I've gone through several ideas including
using rooms and not using rooms, but every time I run into complications
which don't have a... clean solution. Here are the ideas i've concidered:

Use a room grid but as you go farther from the equator, the "degrees"
travelled across the globe increases because the distance decreases. IE, It
takes less energy to move a room. At the very north and south, it would be
as if it was one room, and take absolutely no energy to move laterally. I
really don't like this solution because even though movement is compensated
for, it's only an illusion and a poor one at that. Not to mention it kind of
makes the world cylindrical.

A nicer, but fatally flawed aproach was to have a web-like grid of rooms
streaching out from the pole to the equator and back to the pole. Each layer
of rooms would have an increasing number of rooms. The Pole would be one
room, the next layer would be 4, and then it would double from there. Aside
from the fact this would be hell to implement, it also increases way too
quickly. It takes less then 10 layers of rooms from the north pole to get an
equator of 1024 rooms.

The idea I really like and want to use is similar to the first but it
doesn't use rooms. Instead, it uses a meter by meter grid which is defined
by an equator diameter. From that, I can generate a longitude/latitude grid
and assign degree measures to each latitudal layer based on how far away it
is from the equator and some math. The problem here is that the world is
still cylindrical.

Has anyone done something like this before that they could share they're
experiance? Any ideas would be appreciated, actually.

-Philip Loguinov

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