[MUD-Dev] curses and grief players

Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Sat Jul 15 09:03:52 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

  Patrick Dughi wrote:

> On Fri, 14 Jul 2000, Greg Miller wrote:
> 	If your players said that they'd like to all have equipment that
> could slay any character in the game, or infinite life, or etc, then you'd
> give it to them?  By the same token, if the majority of people don't like
> someone, then they get to boot him, or at least affect him immediately in
> a negative way?  Players need an unshakable, outside of their control
> system inorder to enjoy the game as a fair, and reasonable system. 

What's fair about admin-controlled systems? "I dislike you, so I'll ban 
you." "Kill-stealing is allowed, but PK isn't--if you don't want to be 
kill-stolen from, go play somewhere else." "You must wear what I 
consider your best eq at all times or be banned" Those are real rules 
from real muds. As a player, I find them unfair. Other players may find 
my preferred rules unfair.

> 	This is why games like monopoly come with rules.  It's suddenly a
> boring game if every player can make interest free loans.  I'm sure you've
> done something like this as a kid - and I'll be you never fininshed the
> game.  It suddenly became very stupid.  More mature people can play the
> game through because they all agree to abide by the rules.  Of course,
> players of muds though do not have to pass any sort of maturity test.
> Heck, with luck, my cat could create a new player and login to most muds.

Neither do admins, and it's impossible to decide on an objectively fair 
and mature system of rules.

> 	So, what would an immature person do in a game?  They fulfill
> their immediate wants with very little regard to long term effects, and
> most of the time, without regard to even short term effects, especially if
> it's only affecting someone else. 

Hence, it's necessary to give the victims an opportunity to deal with 
the bad apples.

> 	Even if you can isolate the elements which you believe represent
> the attitude and focus you give them, and allow them power, you're just
> giving someone babysitting priveleges.  In effect, they're already an
> admin, except now they have the temptation and ability to affect the
> game in a way that is advantagous to to theirselves and their friends.

Temptation? It's the behavior I'm counting on. It's the same premise as 
democracy and capitalism.
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