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Kyndig kyndig at InfoAve.Net
Sun Jul 16 05:04:13 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

A Greetings List,
	I have found the list at kanga.nu to be most insightful
and the discussion topics to be helpful in the further development
of a M.U.D which myself and a few others have been steadily
programming these past 2 years. To take a short break from this
tasking, I have started my hand at web programming.
	 I have been steadily hacking up a new site. This is a quick
plug for it, trying to get the database built up abit more. Currently
there are 621 source codes, snippets, areas, etc.. pertaining
to Online (primarily) Text Based Gaming.
 	The site is still under heavy development, yet the
/codes section for the most part is completed now. All that is left
is description entries. I have mirrored off of Derek Sniders
ftp.game.org ( Thanks again Derek ) then added abit more in
the way of LP.
 	What I need now is to complete the descriptions of the
site. So if you are browsing through the site, and run across
a snippet or area that you know something of, please recomend
a description. The form is already loaded up ;) All you need
do is some quick typing.
 	Uploads to the depository are also most welcome,
as are suggestions for new branches. Or insight in errors which
I may have made to the source distribution tree.
 You can find the site at: http://www.kyndig.com/codes

Thankyou much for your time,

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