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> I wouldn't be surprised. I don't speak up on here much cause frankly
> so little of what gets said on this has any relevance to me as a
> player and once-admin. I'm a RPer, as in multiplayer interactive
> theatre. I started out 10 years ago on TinyMuck.


> These places have tremendous stickiness, because they are emotionally
> satisfying and endless. There is no game defined goal except to have
> fun and interact with others. Now a lot of people have their own
> goals to amass power or points or abiltities, but  even when you say
> top out in some area, there are so many more to go off and explore.

They also cater to a very sophisticated crowd. This makes it difficult to
make commercially viable on large scales.

> I don't see anyone in the commercial but possibly Skotos (and even
> Chris admits they can't start with things that Mushers expect) who is
> playing to this audience. Asheron's Call as originally designed when
> we saw it in '95 might have been, but they had to drop the cool RP
> stuff to focus on the PvP and killing stuff.

Lyra's Underlight. http://www.underlight.com.

> If it's true that there are more of us out there who are quite happy
> in their text based worlds of astonishing literary beauty, and won't
> settle for less, how do these people get included in the game/virtual
> world markets?

Via boutique muds, of course. :) Go, Skotos!


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