[MUD-Dev] Re: MUD-Dev digest, Vol 1 #163 - 25 msgs

Tamzen Cannoy tamzen at worldbenders.com
Sun Jul 16 15:59:26 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

At 2:11 PM -0500 7/16/00, Raph Koster wrote:

>  > I don't see anyone in the commercial but possibly Skotos (and even
>>  Chris admits they can't start with things that Mushers expect) who is
>>  playing to this audience. Asheron's Call as originally designed when
>>  we saw it in '95 might have been, but they had to drop the cool RP
>>  stuff to focus on the PvP and killing stuff.
>Lyra's Underlight. http://www.underlight.com.

But as I said earlier in my mail, I'm a Mac user. :) It looks pretty 
from the web page but I'll never get to play.


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