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KevinL darius at bofh.net.au
Sun Jul 16 19:48:53 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

rkoster at austin.rr.com wrote:
> To my mind, it's the explorer/builder types that are the large ignored
> market. People seem to like to do a little bit of something whilst they
> chat. Not just chat. And they like to express themselves. Ideally, in ways
> or media where they cannot be embarrassed. Yes, people chat a lot at bars,
> but other things--like karaoke, or drinks--get them in the door. You could
> argue that the Internet supplies the drinks already (loss of inhibitions via
> anonymity) but the big commercial effotrs are still mostly missing the
> karaoke.

Active Worlds (www.activeworlds.com)?  I'm still getting newsletters from them 
from a long time ago, they seem to still be fairly popular amongst some, 
definitely allow you to build (encourage, even) - there was even a recent 
article in a mapping-related journal online recently showing overhead maps of 
their space, yet they seem to get little coverage anywhere.  Do they fit into 
the "give people somewhere to hang out online without combat etc" 
socialisation niche, and/or the above explorer/builder niche?  Hell, are they 
the "next wave" of online spaces, or at least representative thereof?


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