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On Fri, 14 Jul 2000 22:57:26 -0700
Colin Coghill <C.Coghill at auckland.ac.nz> wrote:
> I'm curious as to how such systems would handle two unintroduced players
> in the same room, who happened to have the same description.
> Do players have any way of differentiating between two short red-haired
> dwarves who haven't yet been named/introduced ?

On a LPMud where I was active the chars had addionally to the
immediately visible attributes an appearance-value, which was set
to a random value between 0 and 100 at character generation, and was
only indirectly displayed (by a string hinting at the appearance).
So as long as this appearance was different, you'd be able to tell 
one short red-haired dwarf from the other. If you wanted to disguise as 
someone else, you accordingly needed to hit that appearance-value exactly 
to be taken as the person you'd like to imposter.

> Can they tell that the tall elf with a pointy nose is the same one that
> they've met before?

If they remembered that elf as "SomeElf", and "SomeElf greets you."
appears on their screen, chances are pretty good it is the same elf -
or a thief who managed to disguise perfectly, which didn't happen
very often.

I personally found this system very well "playable", and such developed
a disliking to muds which show each and everyones real name, but
after all I'm more interested in good game mechanics than socializing :)


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