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I just recently returned from PDC2000, and was fortunate enough to be of the
mind to grab myself one of the SAMS C# Books.  And while I didn't attend the
modules that dealt with c#, I will give you a run down from the first section of
the book.

Here are the key selling points of C#:

The one that caught my attention was the 'modern' section: 
  The effort you put into learning C# is a great investment because C# was
designed to be the premier language for writing NGWS applications.You will find
many features that you had to implement yourself in C++, or that were simply
unavailable, are part of the base C# language implementation.

  They added decimal support, removed pointers, made error handling more robust,
and works with NGWS for security.
  It seems to me that C# is an OS oriented language that has 2 main goals, 1) be
used for the new NGWS architecture, and 2) exterminate DLL Hell.  *UGH*

  Let's just say I'll be avoiding C# for mud development.

-Lord Ashon

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