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Greg Miller
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>  DrCat wrote:


>> You don't need to have people killing each other to have conflict.
>No, definately not. It's certainly appealing to a large chunk of the 
>mainstream entertainment audience, though.

This is because death is a head-turning event for any living person.
It's a bit like watching a car chase or the demolition of a building.
All of these things are potentially lethal to YOU, so it's a darwin-
ian response to pay attention to what's going on.  The mind feels
stimulated as a result.  Sex is the same way.  This is why (in my
opinion) people will be willing to witness stories of sex and
violence.  But it's the cheapest hack approach to entertainment
that there is.  It appeals to the most primitive instincts that we
possess and doesn't demonstrate much in the way of creativity on the
part of the authors involved.

At this point, I go into a long monologue about society going down
the toilet, but I'll skip that part.


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