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Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Mon Jul 17 16:17:14 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

  Dave Rickey wrote:

>     Interesting....  I feel like we may be skirting the edges of a
> conceptual break here.  I have a hard time imagining "meaningful" conflict
> resolution that does not involve combat at some level.  I can grasp it in an
> intellectual sense, but it doesn't hold any interest for me.  The question
> then becomes, is it just me?

Depends a lot on how loosely you define combat.

>     But I don't *want* to make stupid games for stupid people. ;-)  A future
> for online environments that is to what we have now what soap operas are to
> theatre quite frankly worries me.  Worlds made by hacks, recycling the same
> cliches over and over for an audience with the apparent intelligence of a
> slug?

Most entertainment markets end up broken into the "stupid people" and 
"elitist" categories.

>     I could point at the even older war simulations like Chess or Go, but if
> anything that would support your position.  Is that really the future of
> online environments, places where hopelessly average people do hopelessly
> pointless things, and "mastery" requires minutes, after that it's all
> chance?  It's certainly seems like a bleak picture.

Keep in mind that there'll always be room for niche entertainments.

>     I'd argue that *that* is a temporary phenomenon, a leftover caused by
> the large legacy population who *didn't* grow up playing video games.  The
> generation raised on Mortal Kombat is not going to grow up and play Spades
> like their parents.

I dunno. I enjoy both sorts of games. The main reason I collect classic 
video games is that I like being able to pop in Ms. Pac-Man and just 
play for a while. Mortal Kombat II and Tekken II are both great games, 
but they require a certain commitment I can't put in for every game that 
comes down the pike. The result is that I end up playing a very few deep 
games and lots of simple ones.
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