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From: "Dave Rickey" <daver at mythicgames.com>
>    This "Killer == Griefer" mentality has prevented us from taking
> advantage of the fact that Killers are the *only* players who will 
> act as an
> organizational force purely for the sake of organizing.

I'd be interested to hear how you came to that conclusion, but I 
disagree with it.  Killers organize not for the sake of organizing but 
for the sake of becoming more effective at killing or more infamous for 
their killing.  

>From what I've seen (and seemingly by definition), the Bartletype most 
likely to organize for its own sake is the Socializer.  The most 
interesting and "fun" player organizations I've known have been 
organized by Socializers.  Not all Socializers are organizers, but IMO 
the best organizers are Socializers because their goals are unclouded 
by aspirations of getting ahead or dominating others.  Because they 
enjoy the company of people, organizing people is second nature.

-Josh Olson

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