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  Dave Rickey wrote:

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> >Well, yeah. Grief players (which is certainly more accurate than calling
> >them killers) are all about socialization. Granted, it tends not to be
> >the well-liked and respected elements of socialization, but it is
> >socialization nonetheless.
> >
>     It is *not* more accurate to equate Grief Players with Killers.  Killers
> are defined by their desire to hold and excercise control over other
> players, Griefers are defined by their desire to *cause other people grief*.
> All Griefers are Killers, but (thank god, considering their numbers) not all
> Killers are Griefers.  Not even close.

That was my point. Lumping all people who pkiller into one category is 
ridiculous, and many prefer to fight only with people who won't complain 
and cry about how their lives have been ruined. Meanwhile, non-pk 
activities can be very effective for abusing other players.

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