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S. Patrick Gallaty choke at sirius.com
Wed Jul 19 10:22:11 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

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From: Geoffrey A. MacDougall <geoffrey at poptronik.com>

> Quick question...
> Does anyone know of a project - commercial, educational, or otherwise -
> which is working on creating a vw with a true-to-rl, persistent, working,
> sustainable ecosystem?
> There has been much discussion on whether or not a sustainable ecosystem
> would work in a MUD - but I'm simply after info on anyone who has
> or is attempting to create one.

I think raph can address this one better than anyone =)

I was one of the early beta testers in the first big commercial graphical
MPOG, UO.  UO had in the original phases a concept of ecosystem where
populations were interrelated, where wolves fed on rabbits and so forth.

As raph can attest however, what he didn't anticipate was that we as players
would utterly wipe out the various populations of critters, regardless of
any need of our own.  If it moved, we killed it or at least tried to kill
it.  Birds, bunnies, snakes, deer, wandering NPCs, town guards...

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