[MUD-Dev] Battlenet Hack

Geoffrey A. MacDougall geoffrey at poptronik.com
Wed Jul 19 10:42:11 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

I have an annecdote from Diablo II that I thought people on this list might
find amusing.

I was in a chat room on battlenet, when my friend and I came across a guy
spamming the list stating that he had created the first closed Battlenet
hack.  He promised the usual myriad of perks - free exp, skill points,
invisibility, all the skills, etc...  Not believing him for a second, my
buddy and I kept challenging him, trying to get him to admit that he'd
written a virus.

Finally, the guy said that if we wanted to know what was really up, to go to
a private channel.  Turns out that the program, once installed, alters your
registry to disable your copy of Diablo II.  The only way to reactivate it,
short of deleting the game, and your character in the process, is to e-mail
the help link on his webpage.  The e-mail will get you an auto-reply with
instructions on how to reinstate your registry.

However, and this, IMHO, is the coup de grace, in order to get to the patch,
you have to read through an anti-cheating essay. *g*

As my buddy and I fell off our chairs laughing - the author if this program
made the following statement:

"Over two-thousand people have downloaded it in the last hour.  At the very
least, it will reduce lag."



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