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Wed Jul 19 11:36:23 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Ben wrote:
> "J C Lawrence" <claw at kanga.nu> wrote:
> > What happens if Bubba starts an event that will execute in N rounds,
> > but before that time expires he moves or otherwise state changes
> > such that the sceduled event is now either impossible, or has an
> > effect different than initially intended?
> The way it works is EVERYTHING is used through the command qeue.  Each
> command in the qeue also stores where the person was when they executed and
> their state, before actually executing the command, it checks the state and
> location.  So even if a move, which would obviously execute quicker then the
> panama canal example, when the panama canal thing executes it would realize
> that it didn't work.
> In this way nothing would take that long, I know their are obvious problems
> here... if anyone has any ideas to fix it, please send a reply...

I have described my tasks model here before, which solves all of these
problems and more.  It has been in use for about ten months now on
a running mud (mud.dusk.org 7000), and although it went through a lot of
fine-tuning to better match what players expected of the system, it works
basically as I originally described.

I have seen implementations on other muds, although in many cases they
are only one level deep.  I'd be interested in hearing a listing of some
other muds that put character event queues to good use.  Then perhaps we
could discuss some actual implementations, places they work and places they
fail, rather than falling into the all-too-familiar "This will never
work!"/"Yes it will, dammit!" debate.


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