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Ben bjchambers at phoenixdsl.com
Wed Jul 19 11:39:28 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

"J C Lawrence" <claw at kanga.nu> wrote:
> What happens if Bubba starts an event that will execute in N rounds,
> but before that time expires he moves or otherwise state changes
> such that the sceduled event is now either impossible, or has an
> effect different than initially intended?
> eg:
>   > l
>   Boffo is standing to the north of you.
>   > cast fireball north
>   You start casting the spell.
>   > w
>   You go west.
>   > l
>   Bernie is standing to the north of you.
>   You cast the fireball!  Bernie is fried!
> This is a simple (and very crude variation) on the basic problems of
> extended run commands -- ie events which have long in-game execution
> times.  The canonical example used here was digging the panama
> canal, a task one might presume would take consider time.
> What happens if Bubba starts digging the panama canal and then
> starts to do something else in the middle?  Is attacked in the
> middle?  Gets hungry?  Has his shoevel break?
> Search for "panama & canal" in the list archives for some good
> threads on this area.

The way it works is EVERYTHING is used through the command qeue.  Each
command in the qeue also stores where the person was when they executed and
their state, before actually executing the command, it checks the state and
location.  So even if a move, which would obviously execute quicker then the
panama canal example, when the panama canal thing executes it would realize
that it didn't work.  The obvious problem here is that if the canal is so
long that I can return to the same place before it executes, it will still
execute, to get over this the canal would be in parts, and would cause
another event... for example

You have dug a deep hole here, you move on to another area of the canal.

In this way nothing would take that long, I know their are obvious problems
here... if anyone has any ideas to fix it, please send a reply...

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