[MUD-Dev] Combat Systems

Ben bjchambers at phoenixdsl.com
Wed Jul 19 14:55:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

One way to solve the problem with interruptions is that each player stores
the commands they are working on, and the command qeue simply stores when to
execute each player... so for example I type 'dig panama canal' then my
player.command or whatever becomes dig panama canal and it adds my name with
the appropriate time to the command qeue, the problem with this is that
obviously I end with the problem of what about in combat when I have more
than one command in the qeue.

The problem is that my idea is that it works like this, say I am reading a
book, then I choose to take a bite out of an apple, instaed of completely
clearing the read command, it just adds some time to it.  Basically each
command would have a concentration level.  Say an apple is 1, it doesn't
require much concentration, then the book has a concentration of say 10, it
requires more concentration, unless you use a command with a concentration
of 11 or greater, the book won't be stopped.

How to implement this with the command qeue and threads method I have been
thinking about is not obvious, and any ideas or suggestions or problems with
it would be appreciated.

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