[MUD-Dev] Modelling combat

Vladimir Prelovac tomcat at galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu
Wed Jul 19 18:34:42 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

From: Travis Casey <efindel at earthlink.net>

> Comment:  movie combats are not a good place to look to see how real
> combat works.  Now, for a mud, you're probably more interested in

Problem is that I have no other reference. Even if I was training some
martial art I still couldnt feel what was it like when a full armored knight
charges a barbarian wielding only an axe. So for my starting point movies
are pretty good reference (btw. did anyone ever see a movie when someone
actually casts fireball? post a name here please)

> There are ways to miss an opponent in combat without the opponent
> actively defending.  Here's a few:

Yup. I must say you are right. And you speak like someone very experienced
in it.

> My comments above are meant as mostly minor criticisms; you've got a
> solid core idea there.  Please consider the invitation to rpg-create;
> if this is the sort of thing you enjoy thinking and writing about,
> you'll fit right in there.

Thank you for your comments. They surprised me by the level of detail and
with how much I had to agree with them.

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