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> > Again, I'll have to agree with Raph.  Most of the pure
> socializers have
> > their favorite tools already; they have Email, and ICQ, and
> AIM, and IRC
> > and a plethora of other tools.  Note that many of them are
> free if you
> > already have an internet connection.  Can we seriously add enough to
> > compete with them?  I dunno, but good luck. :)
> Interesting in this context, perhaps,  is my many attempts to create
> socialiser oriented classes  on muds  that I have had some influence
> on in the past.  Needless to say  that generally speaking  the admin
> was less than thrilled.

Another perspective on this same issue: I ran into an interesting
perspective when discussing design with someone else in the computer game
industry recently. He disliked some ideas I suggested regarding "social
professions" in an MMORPG because they were means of advancement that
measured your actual, real-life skill at certain things that were social in
nature--eg, using reputation systems to propvide advancement for being good
at social activities like getting crowds to come to your tavern, for
example. The logic was that in an RPG, the point is what skills reside on
your character, not your "self."


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