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> On Thu, 20 Jul 2000 jolson at micron.net wrote:
> > If a simulated ecosystem is what you're after, I don't think that will
> > work very well as long as players are around.
> There's no "think" about it: it's been tried in the past, and met with
> failure.
> I think most would agree that the "obvious" way of creating a basic
> ecosystem in a mud (like the pigs-wolves-dragons system described here)
> won't work.  Personally, however, I think that there are a great number
> of possibilities for ecosystems that CAN work, but they require one to
> step outside of "realism" a little bit - or a lot.

Actually, at one point I did get a lengthy letter from a researcher into
computer simulation fo ecological systems from the acsdemic world, and he
outlined solutions to all of UO's problems or suggested ssources for further
reading. I alas have lost the letter, but even beyond that, I'm not
interested anymore in getting UO's level of simulation most of the time
because of the level of CPU usage. But in any case, an expert in the field
has assured me that you can in fact have a simulated ecosystem capable of
surviving catastrophic decimation of the overall population. I just have no
idea how. :)

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