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Philip Philip
Fri Jul 21 08:13:06 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

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From: Michael Tresca <talien at toast.net>

> Anyone
>else applying the "number economy" to other MUD systems besides damage
>and character creation?

I'm using a number economy for, well, my economy ;)
With a huge multi-city world, people might tend to pool in one city (Like
the classic Midgaard scenario in Dikus). To help curb this, there are
differant currencies whose value works on a supply and demand system. As a
currency is used, inflation occures. The currency becomes more valuable and
local prices go higher, however availability lessons. By travelling to other
cities/countries, where prices havn't risen, you can get things cheaper.
Along with other benefits, I'm trying to get people to stay in differant
cities. If everyone is in one place, then the cost of living will get

-Philip Loguinov

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