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Tess Lowe tess at havensong.com
Fri Jul 21 09:41:19 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Colin Coghill wrote:
> I don't see any fundamental difference between a character that can
> do "jump across grand canyon" or "trick ambassador fred into giving
> me land".
> I think the current focus on games letting you have physical skills
> that you don't otherwise have but not giving you mental skills (in game)
> that you don't have comes mainly from history.

I understand this point of view, but it's not one I could personally ever
subscribe to.

I am biased of course. In real life, I am hopeless with elemental magick and
I doubt I could even wield a sword never mind defeat a dragon with it - but
I am quite a skilled politician, diplomat and socialiser, and it depresses
me when games try to dumb me down and level the playing field.

I am happy and joyous for player skill to be fundamental in both physical
and mental ingame activities.

Of course, there are games out there for every style of player. I've never
seen the fun in games with no component of player skill whatsoever (reminds
me of Ludo...), but *shrug* everyone is different.

~Tess Lowe

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