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Chris Turner christ at rd.bbc.co.uk
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On Sat, 15 Jul 2000, Dr. Cat wrote:

> The question in my mind isn't how to work socializers in, but rather how
> to make a place that caters primarily to socializers - the majorit of
> humans.

There are already plenty of places that do that - they're called talkers. 
They range from IRC-like channel based affairs to semi-mud like with rooms &
objects and stuff.  

There are also graphical types as well, but they always require you to
download Windoze software which for a Unix user ain't particular useful *8). 
But from what I can tell they mostly are static backgrounds with "avatars"
generated from various customer bits representing the users.  A bit like
that 2D graphical mud stuff that I can't remember the name of, but better
quality in art.

How do they attract the vast numbers of people out there who'd be interested
in such things...well they don't.  From my experience they're suffering the
same problems as muds - Joe Average doesn't want the hassle of using
"telnet" and web-based solutions aren't very reliable.

Stuff like ICQ is doing so well (I think) because it treats the entire
internet as one giant chat room.  If one of your friends dials up, you're
told about it and you can send 'em messages straight away.  Where as with
muds & talkers, you have to actively go and see if your friends are around.

PS A good list of the text based variety is at http://list.ewtoo.org/
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