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Nathan Clemons nathan at thelinuxcommunity.org
Fri Jul 21 13:01:58 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Patrick Dughi wrote:

> 	Else, i'd forget reality altogether, and just use the good
> old-fashioned 'wandering monster' concept.  That is, on any given turn,
> for a given environment, you have a chance of running into any one of a
> set of creatures.  Say you have a 1-in-300 chance to spot a deer per
> movement through a given forest.  Maybe your 'track' skill ups that to
> 1-in-200.  Just randomly pop it in there from a previous state of
> non-existance. Change the 'chance to spot' based on if the animal dies,
> and what the chances are to encounter other animals in the random list. 
> If you kill it, your chances go down maybe 1-2 points.  Competitors
> chances will go up, predator chances will go down.  Over time, the chances
> should rise and fall based on random movement, +-(1-3) points every mud
> day, etc.
> 	Not real simulation, but it gives the user the end result you're
> looking for.  It's easy too.
> 					PjD
> ps.  Someone mentioned players littering the land with corpses. Wouldn't
> that promote the spread of disease?  I'm sure after the second or third
> black plague, your characters would get the hint and stop 'killing
> everything that moves'.

Dynamically creating a cause-effect relationship. Especially if you can
use the corpses for something, this will cause a "anti-waste" mentality
similar to the Native Americans. If you use the corpses, then they won't
decay and cause the plague. Interesting.

Along the lines of mob containers/wandering monsters... if you're going to
implement a system like this, it would be interesting to see a thread that
processed mob/mob interaction. So, maybe a wolf will kill a pig and you
never see the wolf... but you might wander across the corpse/remains of
the pig.

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