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> >I'm not
> >interested anymore in getting UO's level of simulation most of the time
> >because of the level of CPU usage. But in any case, an expert in the
> >has assured me that you can in fact have a simulated ecosystem capable of
> >surviving catastrophic decimation of the overall population. I just have
> >idea how. :)
> >
>     That may be a mistake, to shelve it for those reasons.Moore's Law is
> our greatest asset, the overhead that brought the server's to their knees
> UO beta will eventually be a trivial portion of the capacity available.

I have other things I want to burn that CPU on. :) Plus, I now favor models
like that "container" notion that Jon mentioned, rather than a true sim of
every deer and every wolf.

>     By the same token, our algorithmic content tools can easily create
> worlds far larger than we can hope to fine-tune and populate
> by hand, cf.
> Asheron's Call.  An eco-system simulation as part of an OLRPG not only
> strikes me as possible, I think it's inevitable.

I just doubt it will take the form of what UO did.


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