[MUD-Dev] Classless systems

Ben bjchambers at phoenixdsl.com
Fri Jul 21 20:55:52 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

    I have been planning on doing a classless system as well.  Most of my
ideas come from the Urban Desire Project, however I have expanded on it

    The first thing I realized was that EVERYTHING had to be skill based.
Without classes the only difference between a wizard and fighter would be
the fighting skills.  So then basically the way I am planning on working it
is that you choose a race, and each race starts out with some basic
abilities.  As you increase in experience you gain access to more
categories.  The levels for each category are race-specific, so a level 10
Troll can learn combat skills that a Elf needs to be level 15 or so to

    When you use a skill in a category your overall proficiency in that
category expands.  Each skill in that category has a specified proficiency
that you must have before you can begin using.  So basically say Boffo is a
level 10 Troll.  He has learned from his teacher the existance of a branch
of combat say ninjitsu.  He used some of his level up skill points to learn
about ninjitsu.  He has a proficiency in ninjitsu of 25%.  He can use ninja
chop, ninja kick...  Everytime he uses these his ninjitsu proficiency
benefits,and so does his proficiency in the skill he is using.  If he ninja
chops enough, his proficiency reaches 100, after this, there is a chance
that when he uses it he discovers maybe a variation.  The variation part
would be REALLY hard to code.

    Basically a classless system is more realistic.  When I was born, it was
not pre-determined that I was going to grow up to be a fighter/mage etc...
what really happens is that the events I see, and the things I am taught
mold me into a fighter/mage etc...

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