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Mordengaard mordengaard at redhotant.com
Sat Jul 22 08:56:16 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Here on Yhared we're running a classless system, although we allow players
to join "class" guilds if they feel uncomfortable without the restricted
skill options.  We've also removed levels and lumped attributes and spells
under the "skills" category.  I've always felt that people should be able to
learn anything they want, but in recognition of the fact that not everyone
is good at everything they try, we've introduced Aptitudes.  These are a
randomly generated group of modifiers which are hidden from the player, and
are applied to skills when training or practice is done.  For example, if
Boffo has an aptitude in Fencing (the sword skill, not the farm kind), he'll
be able to train and practice that skill easier than a skill he does not
have an aptitude in.
We also have a close tie between skills and attributes, to wit, the higher
the linked attribute(s), the easier it is to get better at a skill.  This
represents the fact that someone with very little manual dexterity isn't
likely to become a top pianist, or someone with little mental agility isn't
going to become a rocket scientist (although politician is always a career
choice :p).
Oh, and while we allow "training" of some attributes, and temporary
modifications of others... one of our attributes is Appearance, which can't
be improved except by use of make-up/masks/darkness.  The related attribute
Charisma can be improved by practicing speaking, improving body language,
studying psychology etc.
Wandering off-topic now, so I'll end here :)

Mordengaard (Yhared MUD)

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