[MUD-Dev] Re: Scaling a world.

Saereth2000 at aol.com Saereth2000 at aol.com
Sat Jul 22 12:09:38 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

>Here is one thing everyone on the list has missed. Scale! Your standard mud 
>how many rooms? Let's be giving, and say they have 50000 rooms. Most have 
>1/10th that, but most of those admins don't hang out here, which is why I've 
upped >the number.

              First off, I am sorry if my format is incorrect in this letter, 
as it is my first time posting to this list. I am wondering if anyone knows 
of a MUD which actually has 50k or more rooms. The reason I ask is in the MUD 
that I am currently developing one of our main features is going to be the 
geography. We have worked out a build system which will hopefully incorporate 
this and right now we are aiming towards around 60k+ rooms when we open. Any 
feedback would be nice.

Don Powell

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