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KevinL darius at bofh.net.au
Sat Jul 22 14:29:59 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

> On Thu, Jul 20, 2000 at 05:18:54PM -0700, Tamzen Cannoy wrote:
> > 
> > I'm sorry, but a stupid person cannot convincingly play a genius. If 
> > you don't got things like diplomacy and tact in RL, you aren't gonna 
> > be a very convincing ambassador. Etc. You gotta work with what you 
> > got.

Just as an aside on this thread, the one game I've played recently that really 
made me feel like I was playing a character with different mental abilities to 
my own was Planescape: Torment.  Takes a while to roll into the game, and it 
may help that my SO and I play these side-by-side, so we got to compare - the 
reactions and interactions between yourself as main char and the people around 
you are quite heavily different depending on how you develop your stats - give 
the char more wisdom, and a whole bunch more conversation options open out, 
give him more charisma and you get better initial reactions, etc.  The same 
seems to apply to alignment and guild - so you really get a feeling of "if I 
play this way, the NPC's actually react to me playing this way".

Not the be-all and end-all of char development, but it was good enough to hook 
me ;)  I'd recommend it to anyone trying to build a "char different to player" 
setup, if only for seeing _how_ they've approached it - it's probably not too 
applicable to online/multi-user gaming, but ti's still interesting.

(besides that, it was a fun game to play ;)

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