[MUD-Dev] Questing Systems

Ben bjchambers at phoenixdsl.com
Sat Jul 22 21:07:09 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

    I was planning on making it so that quests can be used for exp instead
of just charging into every existing room and swinging your axe until you
level up.  Of course if I were to do this it would require a much more
advanced type of quest than is currently implemented.  It couldn't be just
"go here and kill this", it would have to be involved.

    One way I thought of doing this was to use flags.  For example a mud
would for instance have flags 1 to 255.  If the quest was simply to go here
and kill this then when I entered the given room I might get flag 1.  Then
when I killed that it would check to see if flag 1 was true, if it was I
would have completed the quest.  Now obviously there would have to be many
triggers etc... for this to work, but does anybody have ideas for a better
questing system.

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