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Sat Jul 22 21:39:06 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On Sat, 22 Jul 2000 23:40:04 -0400 
Christopher Allen <ChristopherA at skotos.net> wrote:

> Am I the only person here that was ever involved with either of
> these muds?  

I know David Bennett (Pink Fish) is on the list (and posts
occassionally).  David is about to be en route back to Seattle (was
working down here for MS), so may not respond quickly.  IIRC Brian
"psychochild" Green was also associated with DartMUD(?) tho I don't
know the details.  Not sure about anybody else, and know much about
either the current or past DartMUD creator membership list.

> If not, we maybe we should actively recruit on of their active
> creators, because I repeatedly refer to both of these as having
> some notable features that are of interest to mud-dev members.

Several of us tend to; you, me, Raph, Wiggins, etc.  That said, I do
agree that it hasn't received enough examination on the list but
tends somehow to get treated as an, "Oh yeah, them".  I suspect this
is due to the fact that there's been nobody on the list willing to
act as a DartMUD advocate/explanator, to tell us how the system
worked in some detail and to argue its case.  Instead we know it is
there, but to actually find out details requires an extensive time
commitment to play/investigate which has not been forthcoming,
especially as any findings have no guarantee of being correct
(apparancy versus actual implementation).

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