[MUD-Dev] Classless systems

Christopher Allen ChristopherA at skotos.net
Sat Jul 22 23:40:04 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

"Ben" <bjchambers at phoenixdsl.com>:
>     I have been planning on doing a classless system as well.  Most of my
> ideas come from the Urban Desire Project, however I have expanded on it
> somewhat.
>     The first thing I realized was that EVERYTHING had to be skill based.
> Without classes the only difference between a wizard and fighter would be
> the fighting skills.  So then basically the way I am planning on working
> is that you choose a race, and each race starts out with some basic
> abilities.  As you increase in experience you gain access to more
> categories.  The levels for each category are race-specific, so a level 10
> Troll can learn combat skills that a Elf needs to be level 15 or so to
> learn.

One of things that I think is important to consider in a classless system is
also to consider going level-less as well. Both www.dartmud.com (which has
been around quite a while) and www.accursed.org have classless/leveless
systems, with quite a bit of maturity in design.

Am I the only person here that was ever involved with either of these muds?
If not, we maybe we should actively recruit on of their active creators,
because I repeatedly refer to both of these as having some notable features
that are of interest to mud-dev members.

-- Chris

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