[MUD-Dev] curses and grief players

Nicholas Daley ntd1 at cs.waikato.ac.nz
Sun Jul 23 10:23:33 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Greg Miller wrote:
>   darius at both.net.au wrote:
> > Seriously, I'd be aiming for a game where the players make most of the
> > decisions, but I think trying to kid yourself that (group * "the best
> > interests of the individual") somehow equates out to "the best interests of
> > the group" would be flying in the face of too much prior evidence - at the end
> And yet we have so much prior evidence that majority rule *does* work
> for this very reason... There are certainly significant differences
> between muds and RL, but if you have a specific reason why this works in
> RL and won't in a mud, I'd be glad to hear it.

RL example: Hitler was voted into power.
In a MUD: you'd need a very large playerbase, otherwise there would be
the opportunity for large group of people A to disadvantage slightly
smaller group B.  Also players can easily vote more than once by making
more than one character... majority rules doesn't work so well when some
people have extra votes.
bits and peace

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