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Travis Casey <efindel at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Following the definition and small commentary on roleplaying I
> just posted, I'd say that you're correct in saying that removing
> levels doesn't improve roleplaying -- but that it may help to
> create the *appearance* of roleplaying.  Silly, yes, but true.

Extension: In roleplaying, appearance is everything.  It is
inherently a communal effort and value.  The critical fact is that
someone is percieved to be IC and thereby contributing to the RP
enjoyment of others in creating something greater than any one
indivual's contribution.  RP is inherently a social enterprise.
Your earlier example of the bright/interesting/eccentric characters
always winning the awards as versus say a moody embittered knight
holds here.  The moody knight may be perfectly IC but is easily
(falsely?) argued as not adding to the communal enterprise.

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