[MUD-Dev] Roleplaying in Muds

Travis Casey efindel at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 23 12:51:39 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On Friday, July 21, 2000, Solmyr of the Azure Star wrote:
> Ben wrote:

>>     Many MUDs make the mistake of assuming that the role everyone wants to
>> play is that of a hack-n-slashing mass murderer... not everybody feels that
>> way.  I think that the best way to make a roleplaying MUD is to completely
>> do away with "levels" and the such.  Instead make a system where experience

> I don't know why people think that levels or lack thereof somehow affect
> people's roleplaying. RP is not dependent on the technical rules, it
> comes from the player and his own imagination. I fail to see how
> removing levels and/or combat would somehow suddenly improve the quality
> of RP on a mud, if its players didn't make any additional efforts to
> roleplay.

Following the definition and small commentary on roleplaying I just
posted, I'd say that you're correct in saying that removing levels
doesn't improve roleplaying -- but that it may help to create the
*appearance* of roleplaying.  Silly, yes, but true.

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