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On Saturday, July 22, 2000, Gabriel wrote:
> From: "Mordengaard"

>> Here on Yhared we're running a classless system, although we allow players
>> to join "class" guilds if they feel uncomfortable without the restricted
>> skill options.  We've also removed levels and lumped attributes and spells
>> under the "skills" category.  I've always felt that people should be able
> to
>> learn anything they want, but in recognition of the fact that not everyone
>> is good at everything they try, we've introduced Aptitudes.  These are a
>> randomly generated group of modifiers which are hidden from the player,
> and
>> are applied to skills when training or practice is done.  For example, if
>> Boffo has an aptitude in Fencing (the sword skill, not the farm kind),
> he'll
>> be able to train and practice that skill easier than a skill he does not
>> have an aptitude in.

> This is very close to how I've done it. Every mob has a starsign they were
> born under. Every skill in the skill web is associated with some starsigns.
> In this way, someone that's born a "gemini" might be good at using any skill
> in the sword-class but would get a penalty for those skills associated with
> "sailing".

The Harnmaster paper RPG uses an astrological system to influence
skills as well.  Another paper RPG, Fantasy Wargaming, does it too,
but using a different system.  In FW, a character's sign doesn't
affect skills much, but is heavily used in the magic system.

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