[MUD-Dev] Thoughts on Classless systems

Josh Anderson joshua18 at home.com
Sun Jul 23 14:48:52 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On Sun, 23 July 2000, Travis Casey said:
> The Palladium RPGs have an interesting idea -- skills that raise
> stats.  For example, a character can take a "bodybuilding" skill to
> raise his/her strength.

I do something somewhat similar in my mud.  Each skill has one or two stats
that it depends primarily on.  When you gain a rank in a skill you gain one
point (or half a point each in case it depends on more than one stat)
towards raising that stat by one.  When you get 10 points towards the stat,
it increments and starts over.  This way, as you use use physical skills,
you become stronger and more dextrous (albeit slowly); as you use mental
skills you gain wisdom, etc.

I don't think this throws anything out of balance as it's a small increment
gained (be it known that I use a stat scale of 0-100) but does add for some
realism.  Not only are you improving on the skill you're using, you're also
conditioning your body overall.

Josh Anderson
joshua18 at home.com

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