[MUD-Dev] Balance... RPG or Role-Playing Game?

Ben bjchambers at phoenixdsl.com
Sun Jul 23 18:58:39 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

    RPGs today have come to mean something completely different than the
exact meaning of their acronyms.  Usually you Play the Role of a Hero.  NOT
an ordinary person.  I feel that a MUD such as DartMud lacks that aspect.
People play games today for the combat.  If you take that away, what does
the game ammount to... at toddlers RPG.  I feel that Role Playing is good to
a point.  If you play a role as deeply as some people feel you should, you
don't just get to fool around and have fun, it becomes a serious, full time
endeavor.  Personally I prefer the kind of game that has you play the role
of a hero.  It provides a greater relief from everyday life, and let's you
play occasionally for entertainment, instead of playing constantly to build
an online fake 'life'.

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