[MUD-Dev] Roleplaying in Muds

Solmyr of the Azure Star solmyr at kolumbus.fi
Sun Jul 23 19:34:09 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

J C Lawrence wrote:
> So what actually ___IS___ roleplaying at a definitional level?  What
> are its boundaries(when does story telling for instance cease to be
> RP, and when does simple in-game GoP play begine to be or cease to
> be RP?
As I see it, roleplaying is designing and acting out your character in a
way that is appropriate to the world setting. This includes
personalizing your character to make him a distinct persona, different
from other similar characters (i.e. just making a dwarf fighter and
spending all your time fighting and leveling is not roleplaying, since
there's nothing to distinguish such a character from a mindless robot
that wears a dwarven mask).

Aleksei Andrievski
aka Solmyr, Archmage of the Azure Star
solmyr at kolumbus.fi

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