[MUD-Dev] Basic principles of reinforcement for muds

Tess Lowe tess at havensong.com
Mon Jul 24 09:26:37 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

John Hopson wrote:

> Mud Application:  If players have a set number of xp they need to
> accumulate to go up a level, they're going to pause for some while after
> gaining a level.  If you know it's going to be a long time before the next
> reward, there's a very weak incentive to start on gaining xp.  This may
> lead to them logging on less during that pause, then going on an intensive
> leveling spree.

A corollary to this would be that as the distance to the next level
increases exponentially, then so does the length of the pause before they
respond again. Eventually, (and I see this in myself a lot), a point is
reached where the incentive to gain exp is so weak that the 'pause' becomes
Unless there are sufficient other things to interest the player at that
point, they tend to leave or start over.

And yes, what Matt said. Post more.

~Tess Lowe

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