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J C Lawrence claw at cp.net
Mon Jul 24 14:05:19 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000 13:27:27 -0700 
Jeremy Noetzelman <jjn at peoplelink.com> wrote:

> I've searched the archives, but haven't come up with any solid
> leads on using a SQL database (MySQL, msql, or PostgresSQL) with a
> mud.

I've just found out this is a weakness of UdmSearch: It doesn't do
wildcard or sub-string searching but instead only does whole word
matching.  ie searching for "SQL" will not match "MySQL".  Searching
for "MySQL" returns 96 matches, several of which you may find

Aside: I think UdmSearch can be taught to do sub-word matching
without excessive effort.  I'll check into it.  If not, I'll add a
note to the help text stating this limitation.

> I'm writing up a new base, and am considering using one of the
> above for storage of area/zone information, pfiles, as well as
> other various bits and pieces.

There are several servers out there currently which run more or less
entirely off SQL backends (eg Moebius).  Happily most of their
authors are represented on the list.  

> Anyone ever done this, or have any input on it?

I made my own foray into this area and ended up determining that an
RDBMS was didn't work well for attempting to represent runtime
morphic object heirarchies, and was actively hostile to attempting
to represent runtime-determined object representations (ie your very
definition of what an object is and how to represent it is dynamic).
There's some discussion in the archives on my findings with IIRC
some perceptive responses from Jon Lambert on the matching relative
failings of OOBDMS systems for the same use.

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