[MUD-Dev] Roleplaying in Muds

Peter malaprop at malaprop.org
Tue Jul 25 02:36:22 New Zealand Standard Time 2000

Dave Rickey wrote:
>    Okay, this whole thread has brushed up against something where I 
>what I mean, but can't find a way to say it clearly.  I'll just bull 
>it, and hope someone can get my meaning well enough to translate.
>    The most thorough roleplaying I ever saw surrounded Multi-Player
>BattleTech.  People thoroughly acted out virtually all aspects of five
>competing military organizations, including rather byzantine internal
>politics, as well as elite mercenary units.  They did this simply 
>the best method to "win" was to take on the trappings and behaviour of 
>military organization.  Groups who treated ranks and chain of command 
>"real", won more often than those that didn't.  They tended to have 
>fun, too, but if "fun" had come into conflict with winning, things 
>have gone the way they had.

	Could you go into this? What behaviors did it influence in newbies that 
led into the game's political system? And someone also mentioned the 
designer put in mechanisms that led to newbies becoming valuable in the 
political system. I'd really like more information (or a URL)?

	On a tangent, I've noticed that except with the 'big names' who run 
MUDs that have reached almost legendary status, the majority of 
MUD-Dev'ers are like people in LA-- LA people all have this great idea 
for a screenplay; list members all have this great idea for a MUD...

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